A Brief History

The Beast is my custom built electric trike, it's the 3rd trike I've built and my 4th ebike that I've used.

I had first gotten into ebikes in high school from my coop teacher who had one and would sue it to get from student placements vs using his car. it also helped that my particular co-op was one of the furthest places they ever send students - it resulted in a 1.5 hour walk one way with no transit available. so i had saved up for your Walmart special scooter. and since then I'd been hooked. when it came time to find my next ebike I'd started looking at trikes because they could be more comfortable on longer rides and should i ever get caught in the rain it had 3 wheels making it far less likely that I'd fall over / slide out and hurt myself. the first trike frame i had worked quite well and lasted about a year before a weld on teh frame failed. had taken it apart to try and take it to be repaired but before that happened the frame was stolen. so I saved up and halfway through college i got a new frame to built The Beast off of. I rode that frame for a summer and saw the things I'd want to change or improve on when I did all the modifications. After 8 months of using the college workshops I was left with The Beast, a recumbent electric trike with 100km range, the j1772 EV charge port for those long trips, and more than enough lighting to keep me visible to other road users

But the journey won't end here - as I've starting designing my next trike.

Where we are today

after 2 years of driving this Beast has 6500km on the odometer. sadly the battery has had issues - caused from my own mistakes that I've now learned from. the cost of replacing the batteries is about 4k. but my local government has new possible ebike rules they make enact. These new rules would make The Beast as it currently stands become illegal and it would be far too much work to retrofit the trike to meet the rules.

So instead I'll be designing a new trike from the ground up. The new trike will be fully enclosed for all weather driving. Custom Hydraulic disk brakes for smoother braking in an emergency, and an extra bonus is not having to fiddle with the brakes to adjust them as the pads wear. I'll also be designing a trailer with solar panels to support ultra long travel and because of the size of trailer I'm going to make it a mini rv with a bed space. Full suspension to have a smooth ride. Those vibrations on the current bike really hurt the hands after awhile. The completed trike will be an aluminum frame with carbon fiber body to be light weight. Max weight allowed with batteries allowed is 50kg. a whole 55kg less than the current trike.

original frame before being modified
The Trike at a car show with the car I also build as apart of a class project

Want to see more of how the Beast was built? See the Ebike forum posts here: