Emergency Services Bicycle Lighting System
or ESBL for short because that's a mouthful

A Brief History

This Project was an idea given to me by an active police officer that worked in the town I lived in. Having seen first hand the area in which he can be working it became apparent that some specialized lights could be useful. Between working in parks, dark streets and special events; the lights allow for bystanders to understand who they are, and why they are being asked to move/create a path allowing for faster response to an emergency.

Latest revisions include adding side lighting to give full 360 degree coverage, along with a system designed to work with segways, stay tuned for updates.

Demo Bike

Where we are today

Multi color lights -
Select what works for you,

POLICE: Red - White - Blue

PARAMEDIC: Red - White   

SECURITY: Yellow - White   

Siren -
Capture peoples attention with the siren tone or the horn tone, makes for an effective way of clearing people from a path.

Brightness Control -
These lights can be bright, especially the indicator that lets the user know the lights are on. So we added dials to the controller for you to select what works for you.

Setting Switches -
With the switches on the board your able to control the lighting colors, control siren settings when the lights are on (looping vs. Momentary) or disable it

Side lighting -Side lighting to give 360 visibility is in development
Mounting - new mounting style for the lights is also being developed to make installation easier.

Selectable colors
Easy push button control, and siren in development