A Brief History

OXRS is an opensource system that has been / is being developed to allow for more / better control of you custom smart home. Devices are being designed to operate locally without the need for cloud account based software. devices can work both with mqtt and http requests / commands.

The small offering of devices that I've designed for the system can be seen below. To see more of the system as a whole see the website: https://oxrs.io/

esp8266 + ethernet enabled controller
used with 16ch PWM Controller below
Rack Fan Controller
controls up to 8 fans in rack cases
I2C expandable
D1 Mini 5ch PWM Controllerfor 12-24v common anode LED strips
16ch PWM LED Controller
I2C Controller and expandable
Lily GO 5Ch LED Strip Controller
for 12-24v common anode LED strips
3D Printable Smart Switch
Ethernet enabled - RGBW LEDs
Ethernet POE shield for WT32-SC01 touch screen
Firmware in development
Tower Controller
ESP8266 + ethernet enabled
For controlling 12-24v LED based tower lights