Here at Austin's Creations,
we pride ourselves on creating custom items based on your needs.

Have a part that needs to be fix or maybe you have a part that can no longer be purchased or have a product idea.
Using various methods of manufacturing and CAD design we can help make your ideas a reality.

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3D printing

With the use of high quality 3D printers; we are able to produce high quality parts in a timely manner in a variety of filaments

1. ABS

2. PLA

3. More Materials To Come

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Rapid Prototyping

We have the ability to quickly turn your idea into reality, many manufactured parts can be done in house.

1. Prototype

2. Review

3. Refine & Iterate 

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Have an idea for the next great gadget, or maybe something is in need of repair? We offer the ability to design and repair Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

1. Soldering Thru-hole and SMD

2. Design

3. Assembly

This project is being assembled for a few purposes. It will provide a simple easy way of traveling from a to b, and a few places in between.

The other purpose is to provide a sample look of what Austin's Creations can create.


CNC - Dropouts to support a high torque motor   
Custom front Suspension                 

  3D Printing - Body panels                                       
Testing CNC parts        
   LED Light cases              

Electronics - PCB's for lighting                              
Arduino Control system

Temporary Battery Holder

Temporary Battery Holder

Tail Light PCB has 5730 and SK6812 LED's

Tail Light PCB has 5730 and SK6812 LED's

Trike as of May 23 2018

Trike as of May 23 2018


This Project was an idea given to me by an active police officer that worked in the town I lived in. Having seen first hand the area in which he can be working it became apparent that some specialized lights could be useful. Between working in parks, dark streets and special events; the lights allow for bystanders to understand who they are, and why they are being asked to move/create a path allowing for faster response to an emergency.

Latest revisions include adding side lighting to give full 360 degree coverage, along with a system designed to work with segways, stay tuned for updates.


Demo bike outfitted with most recent version. Equipped with siren.   (Newer version in the works with side lighting)

Demo bike outfitted with most recent version. Equipped with siren.

(Newer version in the works with side lighting)


Multi color lights - Select what works for you,
POLICE: Red - White - Blue
PARAMEDIC: Red - White   
SECURITY: Yellow - White   

   Siren - Capture peoples attention with the siren tone or the horn tone,
     makes for an effective way of clearing people from a path.

Brightness Control - These lights can be bright, especially the indicator that lets the user know the lights are on.   
So we added dials to the controller for you to select what works for you.

Setting Switches - With the switches on the board your able to control the lighting colors
                                               Control siren settings when the lights are on (looping vs. Momentary) or disable it



Fusion 360 model of front housing

Fusion 360 model of front housing

Blank PCB's before part population

Blank PCB's before part population

rough sanded housings test assembly

rough sanded housings test assembly


I first met the CEO of Optimo Fitness Ergonomics while participating in an event at my local library. He had an idea to make grips that could fit onto gym equipment but with an ergonomic shape that would give your hand an palm more support. After having issues hiring two different designers online and not being satisfied with their service. I decided to offer my help, a few hours later I had a rough design that he liked. Through the use of 3D printing, we made a test piece, not fully satisfied we used 3D scanning of every day objects to create a grip with a curve that would fit nicely in your hand. After many 3D prints and silicone casts we had a design that looked and felt amazing. The grips will soon be available as the Injections molds have now been made.

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grips image.png
hat and grips.jpg